Here’s a short, random post.

Over the last year, I have stumbled on multiple job vacancies for an Executive Assistant. The effect of this is that I have had bouts of musings on what the role entails.

However, the tweet [from a following] in the image below spurred this random post.

Tweet that spurred this medium post

What do you understand about the role of an Executive Assistant? What comes to your mind? How do you perceive that role? Is it a role you would jump at if you were looking for a job?

My initial perception of the role was rather crude; somewhat arrogant.

I had thought such a role catered for folks desperately looking for a job.

I had thought along the lines of “Why would anyone want to be a glorified secretary of Oga?”

However, my mindset about the role has changed. With improved knowledge of the job role, I now feel this role is valuable and needs better awareness. I think one of my Twitter following put it best: “They should rebrand it as Chief of Staff”.

The tweet from one of my following

A solution to the problem of finding people who can execute this role to satisfaction could be a rebrand. Improved awareness of the opportunities that lie within this role could shape the entire complexion of the market [demand & supply of the Executive Assistant].

I think an improved PR could encourage people to see it as a legitimate and valuable career path. With such perception, people can actively engage courses [or resources] to help them get the needed skill set to deliver on the job.

From my little knowledge of the job role, these are the few things I have observed about the role of an Executive Assistant:

  • It is a demanding role
  • To execute well, one must be able to put on multiple hats. In essence, it requires different skill sets.
  • There is room for growth at different levels. After a job well done, one can get rewarded with lead roles in other departments within or outside the organisation.

If you still have a condescending outlook of the role, I strongly advise you to change your lens. It is a very valid career path. The life of some people changed for good because they took that first step of applying for the role of Executive Assistant.

You can learn more about this role here

Also, see here for requirements for an ongoing recruitment window.




Name: Eto Profession: Lazy Nigerian Youth. Status: Child of God. Pizz Out.

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Name: Eto Profession: Lazy Nigerian Youth. Status: Child of God. Pizz Out.

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