The book of Galatians is my favourite book of Apostle Paul. This is so for me because of the revelations in it. This book provided me with the most lucid interpretation of the gospel. With the help of different versions of the Bible (KJV, MSG, AMP, NLT, and NIV), I could grasp God’s intentions for mankind (from Abraham through the law through Jesus Christ till after Christ).

You’re probably tired of this cliched phrase, “I was led…”, but I was indeed led the day I caught the message in the book.

Usually, I read my Bible in the common manner of one or two chapters a day. However, on that day(in 2019), I read the entire book of Galatians like a non-stop letter from a long-lost relative regaling how she eloped with the love of her life, her ordeal since then, and how happy she currently is.

It was a glorious read. My heart filled with relentless joy. I mean, the mere thought of that day is bringing back all the feels. Orgasmic.


Apostle Paul is such a great writer. This chapter is probably the most important of this book. It set the tone for what was to come.

Here, Apostle Paul expressed his displeasure at the people for perverting the Gospel of Christ. Some people within their fellowship had planted a poisonous message, and if not promptly addressed, he could foresee the dangers ahead. Under his watch, Apostle Paul was never going to let that happen.

I dare say that, if those people who had planted that poison had been given the leeway to adequately cultivate what they started, we(present-day believers) might not enjoy the liberty we have now. But God is faithful!

One thing I found interesting in this chapter was how Apostle Paul felt the need to remind the people of his salvation journey (verse 10–24). For the things he went on to say, that reminder was crucial. In case some elements within the fellowship tried to discredit him, he gave a summary of his resume and included references (in the form of Peter and James). — There is a lesson to learn from this. Having a track record provides authority.

See you in Chapter Two.




Name: Eto Profession: Lazy Nigerian Youth. Status: Child of God. Pizz Out.

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Name: Eto Profession: Lazy Nigerian Youth. Status: Child of God. Pizz Out.

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